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Rockcastle County Kentucky History and Genealogy
                   Brodhead Old Railroad Piers



Rockcastle county the 52nd established in the state was created in 1810 out of parts of Lincoln, Pulaski and Madison counties and named after the Rockcastle river which forms its SE border.  It is situated in the SE middle section and is bounded by Madison and Garrard counties E by Jackson s E by Clay and SW by Pulaski and w by Lincoln.  The NE and E parts of the county are broken and hilly but with numerous streams Brush, Roundstone, Renfro’s and Copper creeks and Dick’s and Rockcastle rivers which are some fine rich bottom lands.  In the w part of county the surface is level or gently undulating and the soil; is quite productive.  The timber consists of white chestnut and spotted oak and of hickory, poplar, lynn, walnut, dogwood and sycamore in some locations. There are fine orchards of trees from which is made a large quantity of maple sugar.  Staple products are corn, oats, hay, wheat, rye and live.  Since the opening of the railroad to Louisville lumber is shipped in large quantities.

From  Collins’ Historical Sketches of Kentucky: History of Kentucky, Volume 2

By Lewis Collins 1878

Brodhead and Stiggal Station

“Headwaters of the Dix”

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