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Knox County

Knox county the 41st erected in the state was formed in 1799 out of Lincoln county.  It is situated in the extreme southeastern part of the state separated only by Josh Bell county from Cumberland Gap and lies on both sides of the Cumberland river is bounded N by Laurel and Clay counties e and s by Josh Bell and w by Whitley and Laurel.  The face of the country except on the river bottoms is hilly and mountainous the staple product is corn while hogs and cattle are raised in large numbers. Barboursville the county seat is situated on the right bank of the Cumberland river about 150 miles from Frankfort 28 miles 8 E of London Laurel co and 32 NE of Cumberland Gap established in 1812.  Population in 1870 438 nearly doubled in ten years.

From  Collins’ Historical Sketches of Kentucky: History of Kentucky, Volume 2

By Lewis Collins 1878


Lynn Camp by Marty Lain Wyatt

Gray Kentucky History


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