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Index of Staff Members

Kentucky History and Genealogy Network, Inc.

Who We Are


Board of Directors

Marty Wyatt, President

Angela Mullins Sowder, Vice President, Finance Committee, Cemetery Committee

Wayne Fielder, Technical Director Communications

Mike Watson, Assistant Cemetery Director

Traci Pollard,  Assistant Community Outreach Director

Angela Mullins Sowder, Finance Committee, Cemetery Committee Director

Melva Boggs Pearce, Board Secretary

Mary Snyder, Treasurer, Accounting

Pati Sears Burnette, Community Outreach Director, Fundraising

Executive Officers

Marty Wyatt, President

Angela Mullins Sowder, Vice President

Mary Snyder, Treasurer

Melva Boggs Pearce, Secretary


Cemetery Committee

Angela Mullins Sowder, Chairperson

Mike Watson, Assistant Chairperson

Linda Pack Clemmons,  Assistant Cemetery Coordinator


Community Outreach Committee

Pati Sears Burnette, Chairperson

Traci Pollard, Assistant Chairperson

Melva Boggs Pearce, Assistant Coordinator


Communication Committee

Marty Wyatt, Chairperson

Wayne Fielder, Technical Director

Jill Casagrande, Communications Coordinator

Megan Branon, Assistant Communication Coordinator

Committee’s Facebook Workgroup


Finance Committee

Mary Lynn Snyder, Chairperson

Pati Sears Burnette, Assistant Coordinator Fundraising

Angela Mullins Sowder, Assistant Coordinator

Connie Hoskins, Grant Writing