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Kentucky History and Genealogy Network, Inc.
Cumberland Falls, Whitley/McCreary County line


Kentucky History and Genealogy Network, Inc. is a Kentucky based nonprofit service organization that operates as a network. Our network operation can be described by the old adage coined by Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We support free and non Profit in our effort to accomplish our legal purpose. We strive to help you in your research by;

  • Providing access to works that help you learn how to research through educational and written research articles.
  • Administering Social Media groups that contain valuable information and are virtual oral histories.
  • Providing access to quality, proven research links to piece together information in your quest.
  • Offering public training seminars to stimulate interest and further the study of Kentucky History and Genealogy.
  • Offering opportunities to volunteer of your time and expertise to help others through a joint effort.
  • We do all this while striving to provide the service in a friendly respectful manner.

Social Media

Our network of groups represent thousands of members and many special-interest history and genealogy groups. Our members come from widely diverse backgrounds and include dedicated volunteers, professional genealogists, historians, writers, educators and those with a passion for genealogy and history. We are composed of an entirely volunteer-based group of men and women who have the shared goal of preserving Kentucky’s rich history, traditions and people. Come Join Us On Our Facebook Groups!

Mission Statement

The Kentucky History & Genealogy Network celebrates the families and individuals who left their footprints on the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s history. Our goal is to provide a respectful and friendly environment for researchers to connect with one another, share valuable techniques, and encourage interest in our shared history for future generations. Contact Us!

Research Links

Come visit our listings of research links to help in your research. Free research resources to help complete your family tree. KHGN, Inc. supports nonprofits and free research whenever possible. Quality links used by our members for results. Itemized by county, subject and regional interest. A continuous work in progress so check back often for new updates. If you have a favorite link that you feel will help someone in their research drop us a line. Come See If You Find Your Answers!

Donating and Fundraising

Kentucky History and Genealogy Network, Inc. depends upon funding from personal donations, fundraising events and projects and other sources and services in order to fulfill the purpose of the organization. Donations can be as little as one dollar or any amount you feel will make a difference and you can afford to give. Donations and gifts are completely tax-deductible. Visit Our Donation/Fundraising Page To See What You Can Do To Help!

Research Articles

Read along with us on our research articles. A growing list of research articles telling what we have been up to.  Come Along With Us And Let Us Discover Our Past.

You may also Submit your Article to be published on our website.


Can’t get enough Kentucky history and genealogy? Come browse the listing on Blogs available. Short articles,  how to tips and best practices. As the collection grows it will contain historical articles, tips, and other relevant information which is accessible directly on our Website.


Want to help someone and make a difference? Volunteer for a staff position. As we expand our services we are always needing an extra helping hand. Come And Be A Part Of A Team.

 About Us
Kentucky History and Genealogy Network was started with a vision in mind. Come along and read About Us.